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Create Your SSH Key

For git you are going to need an ssh key though it's technically not required. But sooner or later you will need one anyway.

Generate your ssh key:

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C ""
It will ask you for a passphrase. This is a password that secures your SSH-key. You can decide to not use a passphrase. However, anyone who has access to your SSH-key also has full access to your git repositories. If you decide to use a passphrase, you will be required to enter it every time your key is being used.

It will also ask you where to store the key. The default is fine.

Add your key to Gitlab:

Now it's time to tell GitLab about your public SSH-key. To do that simply login into GitLab and click "Settings".

Then on the left panel choose SSH keys.

For GitLab paste the public key into the key field; also provide a title.