IONOS (1&1) customer support

I was interested in "Mail Basic 1" but nowhere on their website they are telling me how many aliases I can create. This is a very important feature for me though. A chat window popped up on their product page and wanted me to interact. I did. I stated my question. Some person seemed to be "connecting" with me. She couldn't help me. She even said I reached the wrong department. I started wondering about that chat window. It seemed useless. But I had a chat with a kind woman. At least that's what I was believing.

The woman was kind enough to give me a support email address where I should be helped. So I contacted IONOS support and just asked again how many email aliases I can create with "Mail Basic 1". I instantly got a reply, but an automated one saying that they are basically loving me and they will get back to me. I was honestly believing this. A day later I got another email saying that I need to provide my customer number in order to get help.

WHAT?! I am not a customer yet! :)

I basically gave up. Some weeks later I tried their chat again and asked the same question. This time I got a Tanja and she was willing to look up the information I was looking for. It took quite some time. But she came back. So if anyone is still wondering...

How many aliases can I create with "Mail Basic 1"? None at all! :D

Andreas Schipplock
Thu 18 Jun 2020 02:39:19 PM UTC